Actually, We are going to ask you a few questions. Hover over question to the Show yourself approved page. We built quizzes for you to check your Bible knowledge. Become a workman who builds and is not put to shame.


Where did you learn all this?

From the Holy Spirit.

From the beginning I would just ask questions of God.

Three studies included are from me asking Him for help. The other three God interrupted my otherwise comfortable life.

1.The authenticity of the Bible.

2.The Foundations.

.            a. Repentance

.            b. Faith in God

.            c. Baptisms

.           d. Laying on of hands

.           e. Resurrection of the dead

.           f. Eternal judgement

3. The Five Fold ministry.

4. The Tithe.

5. The so called rapture.

6.  Heaven and hell.

These topics are building your foundation that will not fail when you need it. When studying and applying, your training yourself in righteousness. That will give you supernatural ability to detect good and evil. Walking in righteousness brings peace and joy. Not the worlds peace and joy. That is temporary and circumstantial. This peace and joy is permanent and does not blow away in the next storm.

You will have to decide whom you are going to listen to. God or man. Get yourself ready because when we die there is no judgement that includes standing with anyone else. You and I will answer for ourselves. Either we will be at the judgement seat of Christ or the great with throne judgement. Either one we stand alone.

What about end time prophecy for the believer. The Bible is not clear about everything however we are given enough information to remain safe. God did not give us a spirit of fear. We should not fear this either. False Prophets and False Teachers are using misguided teachings to deceive many. Gods word will free you from any fear. Most of what is currently taught is false and misleading for the purpose of scaring us into buying cd's or dvd's.