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Where did you learn all this?

Actually, the same place Peter did,  directly from the Holy Spirit. When I first got saved, to the shock of many, I was hearing God clearly. Listening to the people around me I felt maybe i was called into the ministry.  I asked The Lord if He wanted me to go to Bible College. He said NO!

So from the beginning I would just ask questions of Him.

Three studies on here are from me asking Him for help.

1.The authenticity of the Bible.

2.The Foundations.

The Five Fold ministry.

Three of them I had been taught however clearly taught wrong.

1.The Tithe.

2. The so called rapture.

3. Heaven and hell.

I was a faithful (fake church) follower. Becoming more and more frustrated as time went on. I wanted to be obedient to God. I was taught that submission to the established church was the same as obedience to God.

I could not have been more wrong. Being a faithful follower, had me willingly blinded to the truth that was there for me to see.

Do you offer personal counseling?

Not at this time. We are going to offer free bible studies in PDF's For those who want to begin having church the bibles way.  We will offer to give you weekly updates on our fellowship meetings and what God is saying to us.

Once you are established in the truth, you will be hearing and experiencing God on your own.

You will find , as many of us have, adherence to the truth is a guarantee of freedom. You will have to walk out of the cage that you allowed yourself to be put in. It probably will not be easy. For many people it is not. You have a spiritual enemy, a fleshly enemy and a soulish enemy.

Each one will resist your freedom at every turn. Be persistence and ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen you. He will confirm these truths for you and give you the strength to stand up.

The Kingdom of God suffers violence and violent believers take it by force. Don't let any one steal your gifts or trample your soul. Choose to be one of the wise virgins and learn to say no.

Do we accept donations?

NO! and when you finish discovering the real meaning of the Tithe for the New Testament, you will see why.