The bible is the only book of history, geography, science and religion, that has proven itself  geographically, historically and archaeologically 100% accurate? The bible has assisted scientifically, medically and historically in findings and discoveries even in our day.  The bible alone has the ability to accurately predict future events and uncover historical sites.

Not every part of the bible has been proven however No part of the Bible has ever been dis proven.

Consider these facts so you can become confident as to WHY you believe WHAT you believe. Don't be caught up in the bible version issue. Most of that is splitting hairs and another reason not to trust.

Here are six facts spoken of in the bible that science and religions have conceded are true. These were all proven in the last 150 years. Four from the Old Testament and two from the New Testament.

  1. The earth was completely covered by water at least once.
  2. The continents were once a single land mass.
  3. The earths languages were Not of one origin.
  4. Communicable diseases can be controlled by separation or isolation.
  5. Ephesus was a port city. (It currently is inland 4 miles and >100 feet above sea level)
  6. Worldwide communications would one day be available to everyone.

There are more facts we could state however, NO book of geology, science, history, archeology or religion has ever been able to predict more than one future event with any accuracy.

Now lets look at the scriptures validating these statements.

  1. The earth was completely covered with water at least once.

Genesis 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Genesis 6:17And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.


2. The continents were once a single land mass. Science did not concede this issue until global mapping became more accurate in the 1960's. Even then for another 20 years they denied the possibility.

Genesis 10:25 And unto Eber were two sons born: the name of one was Peleg;for in his days the lands were divided.


3. The earths languages were NOT of ONE origin But they were from one location then scattered around the world. Scientists archeologists, psychologists anthropologists agree that they cannot determine a single source for the languages spoken around the world. The only common conclusion is that language is related to culture. Very true and that is all they will ever find.

Genesis 11:9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

4. Until the last 150 years science has long resisted the idea that diseases could be spread from one person to another through the air or touch. Something spoken of and used for millennia to prevent the spread of disease by those who believed the bible.

          Leviticus 11:24

You will make yourself unclean by these; whoever touches a carcasses will be unclean till evening.

          Leviticus 15:4-13

Describes bodily discharges from disease and how to avoid others getting the same thing.

5. Ephesus was a port city. Currently Ephesus is located 4 miles inland from the Mediterranean sea. Other locations around the world support the same changes. 2000 years ago the oceans were 100-200 feet higher than today. (Man made global warming?)

          Acts 18:18-21

Paul sailed in to and out of Ephesus. If you visit Ephesus today, the Sea is 4 miles away. If you take the guided tour, you will see the synagogue, the library, the amphitheater and the port. All referenced in the New Testament. Currently Ephesus is approximately 100 feet above sea level. At different points around the world, we can see that the Ocean levels were 100-150 feet higher than today. This is within the time period that Jesus walked the earth(2000 yrs ago). We have evidence in Alaska, and Greenland of fishing villages at elevations of 100-150 feet above the current ocean. These villages have been verified to be at sea level at the turn of the first millennium 2000 yrs ago.

This is what you see throughout the Mediterranean. This is also found in Alaska. Ocean wear at 100 to 150 feet above current ocean levels. The city of Ephesus is important because we have credible dates that the city was fully functioning as a port city around 2000 years ago.

The tour of Ephesus is given by local Muslims from Turkey. They quote the book of Acts during the tour as a factual history book.

6. World Wide communications

         Revelations 11:7-10

The whole earth will gloat over the two Prophets that were killed and people from every nation will gaze upon their bodies.

Circular arguments.

There are some great preachers that prove theologically that the bible, both Old and New Testament, are not only true but relevant for today. Wonderful! Then you or your children head off to college and nearly every college or university will challenge your belief system. The professors understand one thing, Christians, Jews, Muslims and all faiths, are taking most of what they believe at face value. Because someone told them to believe it. Then when the student is challenged, they cannot prove or defend their belief system. That makes all of their students(future disciples) easy converts to humanism.

The circular arguments of humanism seam to be the same circular arguments Christians, Jews and Muslims use. They defend their beliefs with things like, "because I just know." Humanism and evolution have never been proven factual. Life did not magically appear on it's own. True scientists will admit to that. Can "change over time" occur?  Of Course.

Did you know that  Foxes bred in captivity, cannot be identify as foxes by the third generation. The only constant changed was their environment. Then take the same foxes and re-release them into the wild. Within three generations they will appear as the original foxes did.  The only stimulation effecting the change was environmental. This has been observed in controlled scientific studies.

Humanistic Scientists would prefer  you not know that. Their version of evolution is predicated on enormous amounts of time. During these studies the foxes do not become squirrels either. If scientists are choosing to leave out any provable facts, then they (humanist scientists) should not be taken seriously in the discussion of the origin of man.

Humanists argue that Christianity could never been proven.         Not True!                    Again they choose to ignore the facts. You can use the proofs stated earlier about the bible as well as societal outcomes. Explain why people who are generous tend to be happier. The longest living, in every society worldwide, are those in heterosexual relationships. Humanists in heterosexual marriages will see the same extended lifespan. In most cases,  it is not the belief but the action coinciding with the belief. If that action aligns with biblical standards, the actions will receive the results as outlined in scripture.


Humanism is a religion that makes the humanist God! And by being God you set the rules for your own behavior. They believe in the survival of the fittest. Until they are no longer the fittest. Then the ten commandments are applied. They change like the wind to whatever  benefits them.

If you know why you believe what you believe, you should leave those environments stronger. Realizing the humanist willfully ignores facts should make you feel pity and ultimately hopefully compassion for them. Showing God's kindness may be irresistible to them. They likely have never experienced God's kindness since most believers are afraid of any interaction with them.

Now that you have reason reason to believe the bible, lets look into what the bible says you should believe. The foundations!

Foundations of Faith

In defense of humanism.

Imagine for a moment if scientists discovered an ancient manuscript that detailed the big bang theory and the full process of evolution. It described in sufficient detail timing, dates and locations to provide conclusive proof. From this manuscript it reveals enough detail that geologists, historians and archaeologists are able to uncover lost civilizations. The scientists are able to use the information included in the manuscript to validate the many theories that science has long been unable to prove.  And to add to the excitement, this same manuscript reveals additional scientific facts besides the origin of mankind to prove again the authenticity of the manuscript. Facts that only recently have been proven true. Medical treatments, laws of physics and geographical information that could not have been known at the time of the manuscripts writing.

And lets assume this manuscript has never been successfully challenged on any level. And even though we know that more than one author participated in its development, it seamlessly tells the story of the origin man with pinpoint accuracy. Now we add the ability of some of the writings in the manuscript to seemingly be able to predict the future. Predictions of things so far into the future that those writing the manuscript must have been accused of being mad. Regardless, their convictions were so strong they kept the belief  in spite of the ridicule and sometimes the loss of their own lives.

If such a manuscript existed, the science community would become the greatest evangelists over the discovery and validation of such a book. In addition to the already overwhelming evidence more supporting documents and manuscripts are discovered that again validate the original. Don't you think that book would be on every major news network around the world. It would be read repeatedly to the masses so every one could have hope that life does indeed have meaning. It would become the standard by which every other book would be weighed. Public school systems would require the study at every level of education. In fact it would become the greatest selling book of all time.

Sorry. Could not find a way to defend it.