Our Story

Our story is His story. He has freely given to all of us and we want to freely give to you.  Many of us were so lost that we did not believe any God existed.

Now we are intimately, individually and corporately connected to the living God. The God that is actively  loving His people.

Many of us come from diverse backgrounds we have ended at the same central point. Connected to the true living God. We are walking in the fullness of Life.

Some of us have been delivered from alcohol, drugs, occult, bulimia, anorexia,jealousy, hatred, and more. There is very little you could say that would shock us. We have been 100% delivered.  Not even smelling of the smoke.


Our Vision

Our vision is to see the body of Christ get set free. To get free, we will pull the daggers of misunderstanding out of the way.

We will help the body of Christ stand firmly on the rock, no longer dependent on anyone else but thriving as part of the body of Christ. Actively functioning with the other parts you are connected to.

Over time, we will be sharing testimonies and messages that have brought freedom to many people.

You need to be able to teach the elementary truths you are reading here. Then you will have the freedom that Hebrews 5:11 promises. One day you will be able to say with Apostle John," I am the disciple Jesus loves".    And mean it!

Meet the Team

This is not our team. The team is you. Your situation, your marriage, your fellowship, your needs, Your gifting and calling. We want to help you find them and put them to good use.


Raised in the Church


Starting out young


New to the Faith


On Our Way


Youth Pastor


Passing it On

Next Steps...

There is more to our Faith than any of us can think or imagine. Finding our way safely is challenging and requires some change on our part. No matter your background or current situation, God is happy to teach us His ways.