Is the Bible really true?

Is the bible really inspired by God? Most people and religions believe that at least the old testament is.

Most religious books and science books offer principles and history.

To our knowledge, only the bible has both Archeological/historical proof of events and prophetic accuracy of events to occur. Using the scientific method, scientist have validated the bible in the last 150 years. You can prove this to yourself as well.

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Why are so many NOT giving and why am I not cheerful about it.

Is there something that the church of today has not seen?

Jesus spoke about the tithe and tied it to the ten commandments. But maybe not the way you have understood it.

The book of Malachi has a prophesy concerning a change to the Tithe.

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Foundations of Faith

The Manual for life!

So IF the bible is the manual for life, why doesn't it say begin here?

Or does it? We have found that the bible does have a starting point for new and old believers alike.

What does a baby start out life with?

Lets start there and then move on. Building a solid foundation!



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The Rapture

No one will know the day or the hour but what do we know?

Why is there so much emphasis put on a word (rapture) that actually does not appear in the old or new testament?

Can you know when this event is coming? Did Jesus give us some clues?


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Five Fold Ministry

Is the Church asking too much of one person(Pastor Calling)? Was that ever God's intention?

How about five? It's referred to as the five fold ministry

There are two (callings) that Jesus spoke of. He said God in His wisdom is sending us Apostles and Prophets.



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Heaven or Hell

Have you thought that God is merciful until you die, then Then the judgement?

Many unbelievers have the notion that God is vengeful and judgemental now but will be merciful when they die.

Can believers go to hell? can non-believers get into heaven?


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The true Shephard

What is the role of a good shepherd?  It is to chase the lost sheep? To help the helpless. To heal the broken and set the captive free.

We hope you will see from scriptures just how the set up of the Church was, and is, expected to be. Then what the heart of true Pastors(shepherds) looks like.

The Five Fold ministries are like having five fishing rods. Having five rods out the back of the boat has to be better than one! And on board are the helpers to assist with the catch.

Different baits.  Different lores.  Different depths. Different skills

Sound Good?

It is good. Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and teacher. Each plays a vital role in the strengthening and maturing of the body of Christ. In fact only two of them were mentioned by Jesus. He indicated that they should play the primary role.

How can you identify them and more importantly, how do you benefit from them? The scripture clearly acknowledges their roles and importance.


Next Steps...

If the bible is truly the word of God, and it says how to do this thing called church, than we should expect Him to support it.